Medical Services

Multi-Speciality Hospital


Transforming people by meeting their Physical, Mental and Spiritual needs through eminent medical skills, loving care and the power of gospel.


Equip volunteer workers from South and North India to be placed primarily in Bihar, Northern States of India and beyond to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

Place workers based on unreached areas, where there is no Christian work at all. Also to deploy workers by identifying specific PIN codes (Zip), Villages, Towns and Cities and strategic places positions of the society.The results of these efforts to be converted into Church Planting Movement and Community Transformation.

Train the cross cultural and the native believers for leadership by giving specialized training in reaching children, youth, elite of the society, religious groups like Buddhists, "neighbours" and "popular bandhus". Mentor new believers, train and equip them constantly to transform theirs.

Introduce Education and Medical Service along with Rehabilitation Centers for women and children from persecuted families, child labourers, tribal children, orphans and handicapped, in order to substantiate and support the vision.

Give emphasis for “Tent making” strategy to influence the various sectors of the society, for transform

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Medical Services

Primary Health Clinic

Primary health clinics are functioning in 3 different places like Gamhariah, Nimmiyadi and Baulia.These clinics cater to the medical needs of local people residing in the remotest parts.

Basic facilities like Maternity services, Primary awareness, Out Patient Department (OPD) are being made available for people who are in desperate need for medical help.