GEMS Resources People

God has been using the leaders of gems in various ministries. You can use their god given gifts for the expansion of his kingdom in your place. As a quick reference for you to contact them, we have added their names and contact information here below. If you need any assistance kindly write to

Resources People and Contact Information

Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar

General Secretary,

Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Mariyosh Joseph

Mission Overseer & Ministry Superintendent (Kingdom Building Ministries)

Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Emerson

Ministry Superintendent(Finance)

Training, Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Anand Kumar

Ministry Superintendent

Educational Ministries, Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Goforth Jebakumar

Ministry Superintendent

Supportive Ministries, Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Rakesh Kumar

Ministry Superintendent

Community Care, Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro.Victor Immanuel

Regional Superintendent

Eastern Region, Gaya, Bihar.

Bro. Vincent Jayaraj

Regional Superintendent

Western Region Bhabua, Bihar.

Bro. Benjamin Franklin Norton

Regional Superintendent

Northern Region, Patna, Bihar.

Bro. Paul Abraham

Ministry Superintendent

North West Region, Bettiah, Bihar.

Bro. Suresh

Regional Superintendent

Central Region, Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Peter Jayaraj

Regional Superintendent(Southern Region & PROFIT Facilitator)

Dudhi, Uttar Pradesh. |

Bro. Bell Shath

National Promotional Co-ordinator (Promotions)

Bangalore, Karnataka.

Bro. Anandan

Zonal Superintendent,


Bro. Reuben Krishnamoorthy

Zonal Superintendent,

Sasaram , Bihar.

Bro. Sajan

Zonal Superintendent(Bhojpuri 3 Zone),


Bro. Saravanan

Zonal Superintendent(Peace 1 Zone),

Chhatra, Jharkhand.

Bro. R.P Timothy

Zonal Superintendent(Peace 2 Zone),

Chapra, Bihar.

Bro. Palanivelu

Zonal Superintendent(Peace 3 Zone),

Bettiah, Bihar.

Bro. Rakesh Ravi

Zonal Superintendent,


Bro. Dayanand Singh

Zonal Superintendent(Magahi 2 Zone),

Jehanabad, Bihar.

Bro. Manilal Das

Zonal Superintendent(Maithili 1 Zone),

Madhubani, Bihar.

Bro. Stephen Rajkumar

Samastipur, Bihar.

Bro. Arjun Karmali

Zonal Superintendent(Jharkhand Zone),

Garhwa, Jharkhand.

Bro.V. Paul

Zonal Superintendent(Vananchal Zone),

Ramgarh, Jharkhand.

Bro. Sanjay Panhalkar

Zonal Superintendent,

Kodoli, Maharastra.

Bro. Praveen Das

Zonal Superintendent(Sonebhadra Zone),

Duddhi, U.P.

Bro. Gilbert

Zonal Superintendent(Rohtas Zone),


Bro. P.C. Johnson

Zonal Superintendent(Sikaria Zone),

Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. K. Gunasekaran


Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Victor Raja

Public Relations Officer,

Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Daniel Jesudasan


Children’s Ministry, Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Suresh Kumar

State Promotional Coordinator(Andhra & Telangana Promotions)

Vijayawada, Andrapradesh.

Bro. Ashish Daniel

Director, GEMS Polytechnic College,

Dehri On Sone, Bihar.

Bro. Jeyasingh David

(Senior Advisor, DCLM),

Renukoot, U.P.


Coordinator (Training Department),

Dehri On Sone, Bihar.