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English Medium Schools

GEMS English medium schools are testament to the core spirit of GEMS’ commitment and contribution towards education. The first English medium school was initiated in the year 1983, catering just few students.

Currently through 11 English Medium Schools; more than 6000 students are educated. Thoroughly equipped libraries ,science and computer labs, sports activities and play grounds, safe and convenient transport, homely hostels coupled with extra-curricular activities facilitates wholesome education i9n the GEMS schools.

Empowering the children with this kind of quality education has opened a great door of opportunities for these children of Northern part of India who lack the opportunities of their counterparts in other parts of the Nation. Also many Day Care Centre’s running costs are met through the income received from these English Medium Schools.

Educational Services

Hindi Medium Schools

Hindi Medium school

Considering the vast need for basic education for the poor and the underprivileged in an affordable way, GEMS started the first of its Hindi medium schools in the year 1980.GEMS Hindi schools are a testament of functioning amidst social prejudices, hurdles and oppositions.

A humble beginning with 250 children has grown like a banyan tree catering to more than 15,000 children through its 111 units of Hindi medium schoolswhich we call as Day Care centres, functioning in different parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. We believe that the Lord would infuse education in these children through the Day Care Centres, even to remotest villages of these states. These DCCs provide education to the downtrodden mass and works as a mighty tool to carry the values and living principles we teach to transform societies. The buildings of these DCCs may be used for community development work whenever needed which gives good access into the society to involve with community development activities touching the parents of the children and through them the people of the society. The staffs of these DCCs help the local workers to promote the local community development outreaches, thereby standing as a team with the local field worker of that particular area and in the outreach work during their free hours.

We have an intake of an average 15,000 children per year into our Hindi Medium Schools throughout Bihar, Jharkhand and UP, while 489 people have been considered for employment in the DCC schools, thus helping the unemployed learned. Many of our new believers are employed, so that social pressure upon them is reduced. DCCs neutralize the opposition for the Gospel work in the hard-core areas like Bihar, which was once considered to be the 'Graveyard for Missionaries'

On observing our work, people come forward to donate their lands for building DCCs with a desire to see the present younger generation getting educated. Until now they have received lands as donations to start a school and in some places more than 2 acres have been donated

DCC Alumni

There are plans to have an alumni network among the DCC students. The motive behind this network is for a follow up channel. However one of the major concerns is the poor communication facilities available in these states.

Educational Services

School of Nursing

Hindi Medium school

The GEMS School of Nursing was started on the 1st of October, with the Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) course for women candidates.

Inspired by the fulfilment of a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ to one of the wards in GEMS ChildrenHomes, one of the GEMS’ partners came forward with the capital to start a Nursing school by selling one of his profitable industrial ventures.

Nursing Schools offers government affiliated ANM course for 2years. All four batches which have bee graduated from our school have obtained National ranks of 3rd, 5th, 11th and 3rd in the four consecutive years. Added to the regular curriculum community programs, health education programs, field visits and educational tours give the students a wide exposure and valuable insights. Service with Spirit of Christ is the motto of GEMS School of Nursing as students are not only trained to handle the cases efficiently but also molded to care the patients with God’s love.

we hope that through this school we may reduce the Maternal Mortality which is very high in Bihar. The future plan is to upgrade this to college level with B.Sc. Nursing Course.

For Details Contact : +91 75440 77578

Educational Services

Institute of Future Technology

Hindi Medium school

GEMS Institute of Future Technology (GIFT) offers rural masses quality modern computer education in both Hardware and Software. In addition to it, GIFT offers free personality development programs and short career-guidance seminars. It also provides small scale industrial training in the field of electronics. Currently there are two institutions offering such courses.

GIFT, from a humble beginning with just 4 computers and a very few students, has grown immensely to the extent that currently more than 5000 Students are being trained through its various programs.

As part of fulfilling the vision of GEMS with respect to evangelization, free personality development classes are offered which helps in the transformation of the student’s lives based on the Biblical principles. We are also giving free training classes in Music and spoken English as a part of course training.

GIFT offers uniquely designed diploma courses which are affiliated to Computer Technique and Training (CTT), Germany.

We want to see at least one GIFT centre in key cities of all the districts of Bihar in the future. We trust God that it will come to pass.

Educational Services

Tailoring Training Institute

Hindi Medium school

The Tailoring Training Institute was established in the year 2002, to provide tailoring skill to women who are from difficult backgrounds, to provide self-employment and to train women in handicrafts. Currently there are 6 tailoring training unite run by GEMS. This development program is also called as SET UP (Self Employment Training Unit for poor and underprivileged Women).

GEMS started SETUP to empower the down trodden women. Free tailoring training is offered to such identified women candidates, with free food and accommodation for one year. On completion of their course, one sewing machine is gifted to them for free, with the faith that it will help them to sustain themselves through self-employment in their own villages. This SETUP program for the neglected women is very fruitful and is successfully making inroads.

Educational Services

Polytechnic College

Polytechnic College

Recognising the state's unemployment crisis, GEMS expanded the scope of its educational service to include the concept of building technical colleges in Bihar. GEMS started its first polytechnic college in Aurangabad, Bihar, in 2015.

Students from different districts of Bihar and nearby states are getting benefitted through GPC. Establishment of well-equipped laboratories is one of the major reasons which makes the rapid advancement of technical skills acquisition in the GPC students possible.

Besides the regular technical training provided by the core departments, the GPC Para-Academic department also organises various workshops and competitions that stimulate creative thinking in students.

For more information, kindly write to

Educational Services

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

GEMS has already built and inaugurated the building for B.Ed. College in Thilouthu on the way to Rohtas, Bihar. The affiliation process will be completed soon and is likely to start soon.

Educational Services

Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

The plight of the child labours working in the stone quarry near Karwandiya, Rohtas,Bihar prompted GEMS to consider a job oriented training program that rehabilitates these children and provide them a better future. GEMS also foresaw the possibility of contributing towards nation building through industry specific education by giving formal technical training to individuals by imparting job oriented skill sets resulting in entrepreneurial opportunities, employment and economicdevelopment. GEMS Industrial Training institute (ITI) is the institution through which GEMS envisions the achievement of the above.

One year certificate course was started in the year 2000 with 450 students .Now this institute trains more than 350 students in the trades of Motor Mechanic, Electrician, Fitter and welder with NCVT affiliation.

As a highlight, more than 8 students were placed in Dubai and equal number in Chennai through our campus placements.

Courses / Specialization:

Fitter Trade

For Fitter (Two Years) trade 3 teachers are appointed to teach Theory and Practical Lessons are taught according to NIMI syllabus. Practical is given through Lathe Machine, Cutting Machine and Grinding Machine, Moreover GAS welding, Arc Welding are also taught as subsidiaries with Practical in this Trade , Students are equipped to make small tools with metals like Aluminium and Iron.


In this Group students are learning (1) Motor Winding and Repairing, (2) House Wiring, (3) Transformer and Maintenance. In motor section, Motor repairing and motor work are taught by using 25 different types of motor , Rewinding lessons are taught through manual and Automatic winding Machine. It is noted that our students did the wiring work of our ITI building. Subject known as “Transformer “is also taught in single phase and three phase .It helps the students to start a job if his own.

Motor Mechanic Vehicle (M. M .V)

Students of this Trade is M M V (2 Years) students of this trade learn about 2 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers and Diesel and Petrol Engine. TVS- 50, Scooter, Bible (100 C C) Jeep like these vehicles repairing also taught through practical. Students who completed this course are working in Mahindra Company and also Private Companies.


This is the One Year Course, Gas Welding and Arc Welding are taught students of this Trade are making Bench, Desk, Chair and Shelf for our ITI Electric (Arc) welding is also taught.